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We’re about six months into the pandemic, and while the economy is failing, Nneka Jenkins is on fire! I remember when she first started working with us about 2 ½ years ago and she had to make a scary decision—leave the full-time job she’s depended on and leap into real estate, which until then had only been a part-time job. 

However, based on her personality type, professional track record, and work ethic, I knew she’d be successful. Prior to joining us, she’d only managed 10 deals, but she rocketed up to 36 in her first year here. In her second year, she hit 50. Now, Nneka is pushing herself to reach 100! That’s exactly the kind of big thinking that separates her from other agents; whereas many newer agents would see 100 transactions as impossible, Nneka happily embraces the challenge. 

She just broke a big record here at Real Estate Experts for the most transactions pieced together in a single week. Nneka soared past the previous record of seven and put together a whopping 10 transactions in just seven days! Eight buyers in contracts, two listings pending, and one new listing for good measure—that’s close to $11 million in business. 

“Nneka’s advice for this unusual market: Act with confidence.”

As Nneka put it, buyers in these uncertain times hunger for any certainty they can find. Since our brokerage does so much business, we’re able to track a ton of market data, which we can then provide to our clients on a regular basis. This helps them feel informed and empowered. When Nneka provides these market updates, she underscores the sense of urgency that exists in the market right now: Interest rates are at an unprecedented low, but they won’t stay there forever.

“It’s important for us to keep our clients abreast of what’s going on in the market so that they can make the best informed decision and build wealth through real estate,” Nneka said.

She’s been taking advantage of those wealth-building opportunities herself, as this year she achieved her personal goal of buying an investment property. She’s now ready to continue her new goal: buy one new investment property every year. Whether it’s buy-and-hold or the flip approach, Nneka said she’s thrilled by the amazing options that investment properties offer. 

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When asked what advice she’d give for navigating this unique market, Nneka stressed the importance of acting with confidence. In her own words: “Know how your market data can benefit your buyers and sellers alike in the same environment. People come to us for that sense of expertise in the market.” It’s all about giving your clients the courage to jump in and make a decision they’ll be thankful for now and well into the future. 

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