For the last 12 years, I’ve traveled the country to meet, mentor, and mastermind with some of the best and brightest minds both inside and outside of real estate. I brought those ideas back to our team of experts and sold hundreds of homes each year across Silicon Valley.

The market is heating up and we are facing Multiple offers once again. Using some ninja scripts and tactics, our Partners were able to put 35 BUYERS IN CONTRACT in the last 60 days, even when buyers are saying “We think the market may go down. We want to wait and see what happens.”

Today, I’ll share some of my expertise and provide some tips you can use to help your buyers write realistic, competitive offers that are positioned for home buying success.

We unpack it all here in this Mastermind session with our top agents. Topics are time coded and include:

3:00 - The #1 Thing to Get Right with Your Buyers BEFORE you Write an Offer 

5:30 - The Key Script or Talk Track to Help Your Buyers Understand What it takes to Win

9:30 - The Simple Fact and Gift of the Silicon Valley Real Estate Market 

11:56 - How to Use Recent Pendings to Guide Your Client to Stretch for the Right Price

21:00 - How Nneka Uses Past Sales Data to Overcome “We Want to Wait for the Market to Dip”

21:50 - How Ryan Has His Lender Calculate Payments “You Don’t Live in the Price, You Live in the Monthly Payment”

28:30 - How Lin-Lin Researches Listing Agents Listing History to Set Expectation on Final Sale Price 

31:00 - How Lin Lin Uses One Question to Find the Buyers Break Point for the Home They Want to Buy

43:35 - The 9 Point Checklist for Writing the Perfect Winning Offer

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m happy to help.