Today I have the privilege of being joined by Natalie Brumley of the LaRocca Group here at Real Estate Experts. The economy may still be faltering, but this agent is absolutely on fire. She joined us during one of the most challenging times for any agent to switch brokerages, but she managed to close 4 transactions in her first 60 days and has 5 pending at the moment. How did she go from 0 to 9 deals in just 90 days?

Watch the video above in its entirety to find out. For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps so you can skip ahead to various sections: 

1:42—Natalie’s background in real estate and what led her to our team 

6:50—How has her training helped her? How does she feel it will help her with her SOI?

8:44—Her goals for 2021

10:58—Wrapping things up 

If you have questions for Natalie about any of the topics we discussed today, you can email her at If you’d like to know how you can take your business to the next level, feel free to visit our website or give me a call. I’d love to speak with you.