Welcome to Episode No. 3 of our “Agent Success” series! 

Today I have the great privilege of sitting down with and shining the spotlight on Kelly Baldwin. The story of our meeting began when she happened to be renting a vacation property that I own in Lake Tahoe. As a result, we forged a friendship and she decided to break into real estate. 

Just five months into full production, she’s already closed 13 transactions to the tune of $15 million in business and is on pace to close an amazing 30 transactions by the end of 2019.      

Cited below for your convenience are timestamps that will direct you to various points in our interview. Feel free to watch the full message or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure: 

1:58—What was Kelly doing before getting into real estate and what led her to pursue this new path? 

4:30—What was her first position with the team? 

6:12—How many real estate-related conversations did Kelly have versus the number of people she called in her first month? 

7:08—What ultimately inspired Kelly to join our team? 

8:22—How much was uncertainty a factor for Kelly in the beginning? How did she persevere in spite of those feelings? 

9:37—Where does she foresee her career in real estate headed? What life goals have been made possible thanks to this new direction? 

11:45—How has Kelly’s experience been in the culture we’ve worked to foster? 

13:45—In closing, what can Kelly most attribute to her success and personal growth? 

Thanks for tuning in for this segment in our “Agent Success” series, and I appreciate Kelly taking some time to share her experience working with our team so far! 

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