The last year has been challenging to say the least. It has been a drag for some and a huge boost for others.

Hear from 4 Top Agents about the ups and downs of COVID-19 and how they leveraged the challenges and conditions of COVID to at least DOUBLE their business, sales volume and commissions in 2020.

In this session you will learn:

  • The 3 Trends to Capitalize on that will Continue even after COVID.
  • The best lead sources that are working right now
  • The 3 Groups of Sellers that will be Making Moves in the next 12 months

Your Panelists Include:

-Natalie Brumley (newer agent) - $4M to $16M

-Don Mitchell ( 12 years agent) - $6M to $17M

-Nneka Jenkins (Team Leader) - $46M to $86M

-Brett Jennings ( Broker ) - $121M to $468 Million