Given the recent headlines in real estate news, buyer agent commissions certainly are in jeopardy.

Are you prepared to negotiate your commission with every new buyer?

Are you concerned about your commissions being reduced or eliminated?

We’ve been negotiating and securing our full commission with buyers for years and have a strategy that works in our market.

Watch the replay as we discuss powerful and outside-the-box strategies to help you negotiate and secure your full commission with every buyer, every time. (No matter what the seller is offering)

You’ll learn:

  • How to develop offer strategies that appeal to sellers, stand out, and give your buyer a competitive advantage
  • The conversation you need to be having with every buyer to prepare them for what’s happening or will happen
  • Proven scripts and dialogues to have the challenging conversation around commissions
  • Creative ways to negotiate your fee so it doesn’t have to come out of your buyer’s pocket
  • …and so much more.

Ready to learn how to powerfully navigate these shifting commission conversations with confidence and ease?

Watch the replay to learn more.