Witness Tony’s journey and how he built a thriving real estate business.

Get to know Tony Fery, an expert on fire, and how he started his real estate journey. He will also talk about the significant improvements in his performance and the strategies that he had to apply in order to reach his goals. On top of that, learn some tips on how to start and stay winning in real estate no matter what challenges come your way.

To learn more about Tony Fery, his insights, and how he dealt with and stayed on top of his game last year and moving forward this year, feel free to watch the full interview. You can also use the timestamps below to skip to the part that you’re most interested in.

0:00 — Introduction and Tony Fery’s real estate history

3:31 — Struggles last year and this year in real estate

6:12 — Addressing the challenges experienced in real estate

7:59 — Strategies applied to cope with the challenges experienced in Q3 and Q4

10:14 — Intentionality and accountability

11:11 — Standard operating procedures going forward in Q1

16:02 — One thing Tony Fery learned from last year and this year’s Q1 and Q2

18:04 — Sweet spot in real estate

18:46 — What is the one piece of advice you have learned since day 1?

20:30 — How to contact Tony Fery

21:23 — Wrapping things up

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